Hi, I’m Lotta

elcome to my blog!

This place is for my thoughts, sometimes long and endless, sometimes light and abrupt, but mostly about my every day life and things that interest me.

I’m not a professional cook, photographer or in any way artsy. I enjoy writing, but my texts often concentrate on academic issues, so this is the place where I create and document something only for myself.

The name, Nuts & Cookies?
Who doesn’t like nuts and cookies? Cookies of all kinds are amazing small cakes that just make everything better. So do nuts. Nuts especially make cookies better. I’m always up for a cookie! But to be honest, I mostly concentrate on cooking healthy food and prefer to occasionally buy some cookies (so much more crunch!). Maybe one day I’ll find the perfect healthy crunchy cookie recipe…

I dream about are well-planned houses and high-ceiling kitchens. My interior design and real estate interest, which I share with my boyfriend (although he is more into practical solutions like lighting and storage and in every way cost effective environmentally friendly stuff) is one part of my life.

Other parts are my organization and administration studies, which motivate me. Recently I have also started to enjoy studying my own habits and motivation patterns, and try to simplify my life through them.

I also dream of family life & future. I’m a big day-dreamer.

A big part of my life is also dedicated to working out and being fit. I’m not an extreme fitness person, but I keep a balance between nuts & cookies and exercise. I also drink a lot of green tea.


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