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As said, I’ve been reading inspiring blogs lately. One of them is Un-Fancy, found through another one, Kaikki mitä rakastin.

I could never do a totally minimalistic life, I like stuff too much, but I do like to de-clutter my environment and make everyday decisions easier. The capsule wardrobe might not be a new thing to the world, but for me it was some kind of an awakening turning point. I didn’t realize how much time I spent on trying to match different pieces of clothes, always having to check in the mirror if they go well together and so on.. so I wanted to try to get rid of as much as possible.

I started small. With just one month. I’m still working on my first month and it’s going great.


How does a capsule wardrobe work?

  • for each season (3 months), pick a limited amount (any number under 50) of clothes & shoes you LOVE and would wear right now and that go well together
  • wear only the selected pieces during the season
  • store all the clothes you don’t include in the current wardrobe
  • clothes you never use go were they belong: to someone else – friends, flea market, free donation…
  • PLAN your shopping for the next season and SHOP for it only during the last weeks of the previous season
  • workout clothes & stay-at-home-clothes are NOT included in the count (but it doesn’t mean you need 10 pairs of running pants)

(For detailed instructions, see Un-Fancy’s How to build a capsule wardrobe)

It took me a weekend or so to go through my closet, but it definitely payed off!

I stored around 50 % of my clothes in two large bags in my wardrobe, 25 % are in use and 25 % I took to the flea market. Just look at it now – it’s so easy and approachable.




This, of course, is not everything. But compared to before when I didn’t even see the back wall it’s a huge difference. And my mornings & days & nights are so much more effortless. The capsule really has changed my life.



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