deep fried pork belly, apricot compote & celery root

hat was my favorite last night at Ludu. The lavender ice cream wasn’t bad either.



I’m enjoying every second of these new Åbo restaurants.



nuts about..


They’re a part of us. They express our feelings and can take us up high or really sink us. The have a lot of power. That power I’m steadily taking back, piece for piece, only allowing my favorite items in my wardrobe.

Tonight’s my brother’s birthday family dinner night and I’ll wear an upgraded jeans & white t-shirt combo. Pieces I could live in.

morning person

I actually never (or maybe on cold winter mornings but we’re not there yet..) have a hard time getting out of bed. I pop up and get going. I enjoy my lonely mornings, my routines and how the sun lights our apartment. Like most others I have a morning pattern, habits that lead me through the morning without thinking.


My bed mate, I feel, is quite the opposite and I’m still learning to be ok with that. He has his pattern too, it’s just not the same as mine. That’s good, because our 50m2 apartment would feel crowded if he did the same things as me.


a long project

A long project of sporadic blogging. I haven’t written a blog post for many years and now I feel inspired to try some again. In my own pace, either rushed or lazy. Whenever I want and feel the need. At the moment both.

I’ve been reading very interesting and calm blogs lately, and I feel I need some calm and quietness around me. I long for creeping in with a book (even study book) in a cozy place and feel cuddled. The calmness might stay on the outside though, I want my brain to work.

Autumn is definitely behind the corner and once again I realize it’s my favorite time of the year. Everything gets a fresh start in a calm way. Surrounded by the rain and a clear sun. No too high expectations. I feel I’m well-prepaired for the coming season and I can’t wait for it to start! It’s going to be hectic but in a good way. Definitely both nuts and cookies!