how to workout in the morning

Working out it the morning divides people. Some say it’s the best wake-up, some that they just can’t do it. Before starting to workout in the morning I really didn’t have an opinion. For me, working out daily has been the key, I love it at all hours, the time doesn’t matter.

Though, there are some things that I have to do almost daily and which I’m not too keen of doing. Like blow-drying my hair, which I do after my shower. So the problem is: how to optimize my shower + hair drying and the reason for my shower, a workout?
(Most of the times, I workout at home by doing short bodyweight workouts.)

For me the logic has been about limiting my showers to 1/day on at least the majority of the weekdays. It saves me the effort, time and also, thinking about the environment, water and heating. So the reason for me starting to workout in the mornings was a very practical choice. Since I was anyways going to shower in the morning, and would anyways have to dry my hair, at least I could do some good of it and sweat for some 15 minutes prior to that.

So I started, and it sticked.

I do get up a half an hour earlier than if I wasn’t working out, but I feel it pays off. Since I don’t do heavy lifting working out in the morning just helps me to get started, I wakes up my body in a way a shower & breakfast without a workout doesn’t.

At the moment my morning workouts are automatic, but I know that when the mornings get darker and the weather chillier I will have some difficulties to get up and roll out my exercise mat. For those times I have some tricks. The first is to plan which workout to do (this I actually do already), secondly I simply roll out my mat in our living room the night before and finally I place my workout clothes and shoes close to the bed. These tricks mostly to their job, they get me squatting, but if they fail, then I just do some yoga and streching. The important thing is to do something. To get the body & mind moving.



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