Guardaroba is Italian and means wardrobe, or literally “watch & protect clothes”. My guardaroba project that started this summer and goes under the term capsule is all about protecting my most beloved clothes and getting rid of all the excess.

borrowed from wide eyed legless

borrowed from wide eyed legless

The last two weeks we’ve been taking old stuff to a flea market and it feels so good to a) get rid of useless stuff, b) see someone else to find something interesting and c) get some extra cash (!). With the extra money my boyfriend & I made some well-planned investments for the future: 7 bottles of wine and 2 of champagne. Funnily enough, these fellows also live in my guardaroba since that’s the only place where the wine cooler  fitted..

But back to the capsule:
I still have some 50 pieces in it, which means I’ll continue eliminating until I feel comfortable with the amount. For the moment it still feels a bit too much, I still have to spend time on thinking of how to mix things. The easiest thing to do would be to take everything out and start trying on different outfits..but to get started with that!

What helps me push forward is the reward of starting to plan my capsule for september – november (and probably some capsule shopping too, despite most of the pieces will be passed on from my august capsule or taken out from storage).

The reason I picked september – november as my next season is that it covers the first Finnish autumn/winter season (i.e. lots of rain & wind, around -10°C to 15°C). This past month I’ve been trying the capsule thinking and felt really good about it, so I’m ready for a longer season. It’s going to be interesting to see whether the capsule will save me some time when I start studying full-time in september. After all, one of my reasons for starting this project was for saving time.


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