turning point

In the beginning of May I stumbled upon Charles Duhigg’s book The Power of Habit (which had been on my mind ever since Joanna of A Cup of Jo posted about it) and thought ah, finally I have the time to read this!

That thought and that book turned out to be some sort of a turning point. Ever since I read it I’ve started to explore my habits and my perception of time has completely changed. (Not that the book is much about time, but for me my habits are a lot about using my time better.)

A majority of our daily activities are guided by habits which is why I think recognizing them is an important part of understanding how to prioritize things in your life. Haven’t we all got busy schedules and too many things we want to do? Friends we never see because there’s no time? Books we never read because we have to spend the time doing something else? But what else are we doing? Where do our daily 24 hours go?


I’m a student working as an intern, so my time is mostly spent at work or by my books. There’s nothing wrong with that, I like my every day life, and the habitual patterns I wanted to change actually regard chores at home, paying bills and stuff like that. I don’t want cleaning up or organizing my home to be something I feel stressed about, but something that happens automatically. By optimizing the time it takes to do these tasks I also get more time for working out, visiting cafés and well, just relaxing. (I might also mention that some of my previously non-habits have bothered my boyfriend, so a part of this building of new habits I do for him..).

So, it started by me wanting to save time (and I also stopped biting my nails..) by exploring and changing my habits. Now I want continue decluttering my environment and spend less time thinking about things I don’t want to spend time on, like what to wear? do these match? where’s that paper?

There’s some good advice in Duhigg’s book and I’m sure I’ll share some of it later. For now I only say: if you want to understand and change your habits, read the book!



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